Monday, 17 November 2014

REVIEW: KADUS Professional, Deep Moisture Intensive hair mask

I have been so blessed to be able to try so many different products, whether it is hair or skincare. But I would just like to re-iterate that not every product I receive or that’s sponsored makes it to my blog. There are so many products that I have tried & tested that doesn’t work for me. I prefer not to bad mouth a product hence I prefer to rather not mention the product or the brand that I have had a bad experience with. So to make it clear, it is only products that I really love and that has worked me for that you would see on my blog.
This KADUS Professional, Deep Moisture Intensive mask I have been using for about 4 washes currently and has literally become a part of my hair care routine. Our Environment, lifestyle and heat styling can remove already depleted moisture from the hair, leaving it dull and lifeless, without the beautiful natural shine we associate with healthy looking hair.The Radialux Micro-Ions act together with a blend of special moisturizing ingredients to instantly deliver moisture for hair with eye-catching shine, softness and movement.

I would literally apply this product to damp hair and leave in for about 5 minutes and then rinse. This product intensely moisturizes dry hair. After the use of this product my hair has become soft and easier to comb with a healthy shine. It has a lovely honey and mango fragrance so trust me you wouldn't mind having this product on your hair.

Retail Selling Price: R160.00 incl. VAT.

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