Monday, 22 December 2014

Easy Gift Ideas with AVON & JUSTINE

So this year shopping for my must have beauty products or mere gifts for friends and family has become so much easier. 
Yes, I’m talking about Avon & Justine.
I  have fallen in-love with their quality products and the fact that it’s well priced has made my Christmas shopping an absolute breeze. You can scroll through the latest pamphlet and I promise you would have loads of “hearts” next to all the items you suddenly cannot do without. This year I would much rather prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of busy shopping malls and crazy long queues. While browsing through One of the 1st things that stood out for me was the Avon Hollywood Collection. It’s a new limited edition collection which included your classic red shade lipstick SPF 15 R69.95, Hollywood Collection Highlighter R119.95, Hollywood 8-1 eyeshadow palette R119.95, Hollywood Flick Eyeliner R64.95 & Hollywood Nailwear Pro+ R54.95
Everyone knows how much I love doing the classic "Marilyn look" this collection made it so much easier. 
Another thing that I love about Avon is the range of perfumes at affordable prices. I am crazy about the scent of this Christian Lacroix Fragrance. It really has an Irresistibly Mysterious scent which is for her and for him. So you and your significant other can enjoy eclectic French fashion designer Christian Lacroix captured in Nuit for him for only R320
This Avon Femme is really such a soft scented perfume and it's really ideal for any woman. Even the shape of the bottle is appealing, so you can spoil that special person in your life for only R370 for 50ml
So when the packaging says Big & Daring Avon Volume Mascara they are not joking. I wore this mascara this past Saturday and everyone commented on my lashes looking like I've gotten extensions. The thing is this mascara somehow thickens the lashes and makes it look so much fuller than a normal mascara. This is now one of my favourite items to date.
Justine's Tissue Oil, Gold are one of those products that I will continue to repurchase. This Tissue Oil has a SPF25 with added Vitamin C and sweet almond oil. Its such a treat and the scent is just heavenly. This would make such an awesome gift. What woman doesn't use tissue oil?
Have you ever tried a Body Wash provides that must have pamper with a fruity freshness. Well this Cranberry & Pomegranate looks so good you can eat, regular price R130 you would be in fruity heaven in no time.

These are just some awesome gifts that can be found at & for this festive season. Please check out this website for so many other awesome products. 
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Healthway: Living Clay

 When I had received this Healthway sample of living clay, I was quite intrigued with the way this product works and the benefits thereof. I immediately went home to try it out and trust me I was definitely in need of a little bit of TLC after the week I’ve had.
The science behind this product is quiet simple; it is based upon using natural negative IONS (good ions) to extract positive IONS (toxins, free radicals and heavy metals) from the skin. Removing free radicals the primary cause of premature aging, the skin is left smoother, healthier and younger looking. The skin is simultaneously replenished with ionic charges of the rich supply of trace elements and minerals in the African Healing Clay. A true marvel of nature without preservatives and harmful chemicals.
However the benefits thereof are amazing: Aid in the treatment of pimples, acne, eczema & psoriasis. Healthway’s products are 100% Natural Products. They aim to not treat skin & health problems. They aim to get rid of them. So I went ahead to try it out!
·         Mix with warm water 10mls (2tsp) with same quantity water.
·         Add oil such as Olive if skin is dry.
·         Apply to the skin. Keep moist with water.
·         Remove after 15mins by exfoliating then rinsing with warm water.
So after applying the living clay, I had so much fun taking crazy pictures, while waiting for the clay to dry xx
I must say that after washing the clay off, my skin felt amazing! I cannot wait to start using this clay continuously and enjoying the endless benefits of this product!
If you would like to get your hands on this Miracle clay see details below:
You can also check out V & A Waterfront, THE WATERSHED- On the Middle Level in Wellness Section.
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

EVENT: Calvin Klein

I attended the Calvin Klein launch last evening to celebrate the opening of the brand’s first store in South Africa at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront in Cape Town.
It was absolutely awesome atmosphere with quite a few local celebs partying along.  Notable guests in attendance and also wardrobed by the brand included cricketer JP Duminy; actress Tanya Van Graan; television personalities Maps Maponyane, Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Roxy Burger; musicians DA Les, Chiano Sky, LeAnne Dlamini; and models Jenna Pietersen, Marcel Snyman, Liam Vandiar and Laela Muriel. Other notable guests in attendance included rapper Jack Parrow, actor Texas Battle and television personality Cindy Nell, among others.

Calvin Klein, Inc. is one of the leading fashion design and marketing studios in the world. It designs and markets women’s and men’s designer collection apparel and a range of other products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network of licensing agreements and other arrangements worldwide. Product lines under the various Calvin Klein brands include women’s dresses and suits, men's dress furnishings and tailored clothing, men’s and women's sportswear and bridge and collection apparel, golf apparel, jeanswear, underwear, fragrances, eyewear, women’s performance
apparel, hosiery, socks, footwear, swimwear, jewelry, watches, outerwear, handbags, small leather goods, and home furnishings (including furniture). For more information, please visit

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Gumtree: Creating your dream space

Have you ever thought about creating a perfect outdoor space, where you can lounge & socialize during the beautiful summer months? What about a space that you and your family can enjoy a well prepared meal and some cocktails around a table while watching the sunset?
Well this does not have to be a picture in a magazine or a distant view. You too can create this paradise in your very own backyard, Why not? It’s such an easy concept with Gumtree and Patio Life. You can search this link and create a beautiful space both fitting for you and your family.

Some info about Patio Life:
Patio Life is an online patio shop providing patio furniture solutions to commercial companies. Since 2002 Patio Life’s management has sourced and supplied patio furniture and umbrellas to the market in South Africa and surrounding territories. The company is passionate about furnishing its customers with customized, made in South Africa products.
See my favourite 3 options from Patio Life:
1.      The ultimate in cantilever umbrellas with rotational and tilt mechanisms. Made with an aluminium frame and acrylic canopy with a choice of colours. The canopy measures 2.5 to 3.0 m. A two year warranty is offered
2.      This traditional baroque design uses modern weather resistant materials. Choose between 12 cane and 10 frame colours to best suit your personal style. Available in 4 different designs. Chairs are custom made to order and come with a three year warranty
3.      Blissful comfort from a traditional all purpose hammock. Blue, red and green stripes available. Made from 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester, this bag is sturdy enough to hold 100kgs. Specs: Loop to loop 270 x 83, lying area 190 x 83. Folds into a 27 x 11 x 17 carry bag.
If you want to see more of what Patio Life has to offer, check out the Gumtree
 page and search the Home & Garden, Furniture or Garden and Braai tab.
If your interested in spicing up your space see details below:
Patio Life
349 Albert Road
Woodstock, Cape Town
South Africa +27 (0) 21 822 9062/3 

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