Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Healthway: Living Clay

 When I had received this Healthway sample of living clay, I was quite intrigued with the way this product works and the benefits thereof. I immediately went home to try it out and trust me I was definitely in need of a little bit of TLC after the week I’ve had.
The science behind this product is quiet simple; it is based upon using natural negative IONS (good ions) to extract positive IONS (toxins, free radicals and heavy metals) from the skin. Removing free radicals the primary cause of premature aging, the skin is left smoother, healthier and younger looking. The skin is simultaneously replenished with ionic charges of the rich supply of trace elements and minerals in the African Healing Clay. A true marvel of nature without preservatives and harmful chemicals.
However the benefits thereof are amazing: Aid in the treatment of pimples, acne, eczema & psoriasis. Healthway’s products are 100% Natural Products. They aim to not treat skin & health problems. They aim to get rid of them. So I went ahead to try it out!
·         Mix with warm water 10mls (2tsp) with same quantity water.
·         Add oil such as Olive if skin is dry.
·         Apply to the skin. Keep moist with water.
·         Remove after 15mins by exfoliating then rinsing with warm water.
So after applying the living clay, I had so much fun taking crazy pictures, while waiting for the clay to dry xx
I must say that after washing the clay off, my skin felt amazing! I cannot wait to start using this clay continuously and enjoying the endless benefits of this product!
If you would like to get your hands on this Miracle clay see details below:
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  1. Wow! Thanks Channi Chic for the write up!
    I personally have been using this product for 7yrs on my skin and have seen the results from getting rid of pimples, sun blemishes and even cancerous moles from the sun. The other day i slammed my finger in the car door. Treated it with a Living Clay poultice covering with cling wrap at night for 2 days. 8 Days later my finger is perfectly fine.
    PS: a tip for FULL benefits keep your clay mask damp with water ;-)