Friday, 23 January 2015

Kick start the New Year with Cotton On Body Active

Cotton On BODY further cements its position as the go-to lifestyle brand, taking the lead with its new ‘collections by sport’ active range, hitting stores in January.
Knowing the BODY girl will be celebrating this festive season, the game changing collection will help kick start the New Year with serious athleticism, plenty of style and motivation to take on 2015. The range puts a sporty twist on activewear by catering for any arena in which the BODY girl might find herself working up a sweat; at the gym, studio, club or in day-to-day life. It features BODY’s core active pieces as well as everyday basics, with a focus on stripes, hints of bold colour and varsity prints. ‘Collections by sport’ has everything a girl needs to keep fit; from the best high-performance workout bra to essential tights that features moisture wicking technology. It fuses undone styling with technical sportswear.

The Trend
Taking inspiration from the ‘normcore’ fashion trend, combining ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’, ‘collections by sport’ features a scaled back colour palette to enhance the less-is-more approach, with minimal prints and splashes of blue and red. “Normcore is the biggest trend in fashion right now - we’ve taken it and added the Body touch, with pops of colour and stripes, to create the ultimate sportluxe wear.
I'm just loving all things Cotton on BODY at the moment!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Outfit Of The Day: la nouvelle belle

Happy Monday All,
Trust you all have had an awesome weekend, and are refreshed and well rested for the eventful week ahead of us. My Saturday was filled with loads of coffee sessions and endless episodes of "Greys Anatomy" so it was quiet a slouchy/relaxing day for me. Hence all I wanted to do on my Sunday Morning was get out of the house and be surrounded with nature. Just to give you all an update on where I am at mentally. I have not been on my end of year leave break yet and am seriously feeling the tiredness of not having a break. I will however be off the first 2weeks in February so to me these last weeks of January literally just needs to fly by...I am in desperate need of some down time! Can't wait to show you all what ill be doing during those 2weeks, it is rather exciting so what this space!
I did however drag my husband out of bed early Sunday Morning and took a long drive pass Chapmans Peak. This particular morning was rather humid but looked quiet misty. Hence me in shorts & sandals with a gloomy background. 
I don't know if you do this too, but I've got a serious issue with wearing tops with words written on it and not knowing what it actually means. So yes, i'm the nerd in the store googling a translation for a t-shirt logo before I would actually buy it. So I actually loved this tops meaning which says "the new beautiful"
I just love it as its open to interpretation, its about what you perceive as beauty and not the old mentality or connotations of what beauty is perceived to be!
Being outside and surrounded by so much beautiful scenery made me appreciate Cape Town so much! We are really blessed to be able to see this so close to home!
Outfit Details:
Top: Fashion Express
Shorts: Mr Price
Sunglasses: Mr Price
Sandals: Mr Price

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beauty Review: Rubi Cosmetics

I really love Rubi shoes that are available in Cotton On stores. However Rubi shoes is set to launch Beauty by Rubi shoes, an extensive and exciting cosmetics range, just in time for the party season. Already known for its footwear and accessories at ultra-low prices, Rubi is taking its first foray into beauty, releasing a line of on-trend, everyday makeup essentials that will take you from day to night.  The new collection features super-slick, bright lipsticks and tantalising nail polish selections. It also includes uber-cool shadows, cheeky blush and bronzers, lip-gloss, face wipes and perfume.
There are 20 punchy lipstick shades to choose from in crème and matte finishes and an eclectic mix of 20 fashion nail colours. For the cheeks, there is a classic summer coral and an iridescent illuminator, to highlight the cheekbones. Rubi’s summer campaign, Hola! Summer Starts Here, has inspired the bright pops of colour that feature throughout the range. “The vivid orange, coral and hot pink lip shades add the perfect highlight to a pared back base,” said Felicity Dansie, Rubi buyer. “This summer is all about lips – the perfect accessory to any outfit!”
Whether you are brave with colour or like a more natural makeup look, Rubi is now a one-stop-shop to accessorising from top to toe. Beauty by Rubi Shoes is also making cosmetics super accessible with lipsticks available at R69 and bronzer at R149. Beauty by Rubi Shoes will be available from November at and Rubi stores across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa.
Give this Rubi range a try and let me know what you think?

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Year, New Me

So I've been thinking about a change in hair colour for quite a while now.
I have loved being blonde so much that the thought of anything different was quiet frightening. I had thought about it long and hard and thought I wanted somewhat of a middle ground. So seeing that it's the new year, I think its the perfect time for a New Me.
So on Saturday past I went into Stylebar to get this new look that I have envisioned. However I couldn't really explain what I wanted. I just knew that I wanted something natural, soft & easy to maintain. I met with my stylist and she knew exactly what I wanted.  
My husband even loves it, and he loooovvveed the blonde hair...wink!
I really need to Thank Stylebar for transformation. I have been getting so many great compliments. They have just managed to exceeded my expectations time after time.
Outfit of the Day
Dress: Cotton On
Sneakers: Cotton On
Ankle Bracelets: Cotton On
Photographer: LisaWayne Creations

Check out for a branch closet to you.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Gumtree: Property Savvy Tips

This is not one of my usual posts I write, but I wish I had read this kind of a post when I was looking to buy property. I've had my fair share of property hunting over the past couple of years whether it may be to buy or merely to rent. It’s always such a struggle to find an area within your price range and a platform or tool that can be used to provide all the necessary information needed when making such an important decision. I personally know of quiet a few of my friends and colleges that have reached that point in their life where buying or renting a property would just be a good life decision.

I came across this Gumtree property pricing tool where you can find the current pricing of properties for rent and sale within South Africa. It’s a pretty handy tool if you’re looking to move any time soon, or just want to check out the current market! 

I promise this property finder will make your life so much easier when you trying to find your dream home. One thing that I especially loved about this tool is that it shows you the price it would cost depending on the amount of rooms per area. It really is that nifty. I wish I had a tool like this when I was looking for property about 3 years ago. 

So I've chosen 3 of my favourite locations in Western Cape & with this exercise you would see how easy and efficient this tool really is.
The 1st location is Cape Winelands--->Stellenbosch
The 2nd location is Cape Town--->Gardens
The 3rd location is Northern Suburbs--->Durbanville
Some Personal Tips for Buying Property
About 3years ago when me and my husband purchased our 1st property.  I was about 21years old at the time and had absolutely no idea what buying a property was about. What I knew was rather dangerous, I followed peoples advice and read some articles. But nothing prepared me for the horror of buying a property and not knowing what it's about. So I would definitely want to share with you some of my tips so that the same thing does not happen to you.

Tip 1
If you are wanting to buy a property in a unknown area, I would prefer you rent before buying. You cannot really say whether you like it until you have lived there. I made this mistake the traffic from the location I purchased was horrible and I literally had to get up 2hours earlier to get to work in time.
Tip 2 
Rent before purchasing a property within a complex or estate. My husband & I lived in a 2bedroom apartment with merely a wall separating the 2 apartments. My neighbors were party animals and loved playing very loud music at crazy hours of the night, this resulted in many "sleepy walks" over to the neighbors and telling them to turn it down & be reasonable. Then later hearing the music being put back onto blast a hour later! There is however more flexibility when you rent, you can always get your landlord to deal with it. Besides that paying levies are a killer, especially when its not calculated on for your individual usage but mostly on a generic group bases. 
Tip 3
Shop around, don't go for the 1st deal you get. This is also 1 of the reasons why I love this Gumtree tool so much. It really allows you to play around and check different areas and price ranges. Be well informed. 
Tip 4
Don't let any sales person or rental agent bully you. This is why its important to know what you want and whether the property fits into your lifestyle and not other way around, i'm in no way or form a property expert. But I am a property buyer that wish I didn't have to learn these things the hard way. The rental agent gets paid for every sale so "NO" he is not doing you any favours.
Tip 5 
Decide before hand if you prefer an apartment or a house. My husband and I thought we liked the idea of a apartment on the 2nd floor for the uuhhhm.... view you know. But soon after climbing tedious amount of steps daily with loads of groceries or even a tub full of washing to be hanged. It didn't seem as exciting as what we had thought it would be. Our apartment only had 2 floors so there was no lift for tired, lazy days. Also my husband is a very hands on kind of a guy and not having a backyard or allocated area for his space was a huge issue for him. So don't let the excitement of buying your pretty 1st property overshadow the logistics.
I hope some of these tips and tricks can help you not make the same mistakes I did. This is definitely not the usual fashion and beauty tips I share but I do think these are life tips that is very essential. Be property savvy!

Let me know if you have more tips that you would like share about renting or buying property?

Monday, 5 January 2015

Goals: 2015

 It’s absolutely crazy that I’m writing this new post in 2015. Wow where do I even start, 2014 has been an Absolute Amazing year for me. I have achieved, I have failed, I’ve learnt so much and I have grown even more from it. That's what has made this ride so much more exciting. I have been given such amazing opportunities through this blogging sphere that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that’s its real. Ive worked with so many Awesome Brands and have met some great people through this platform that I can now even call friends. I have had my 1st Fashion Article published and have been blessed with some local travels which this blogging form has presented itself to me. I was chosen as a Foschini Brand Ambassador, a project that im rather excited about. I am so so grateful to have so many loyal readers that I can truly say, that you have made this journey so much more rewarding for me. So I Thank You!

I cannot believe how fast time has gone but I am rather excited to start a new chapter and have fresh start this time around.
One thing that I do love about a new year is that it gives us that opportunity to measure our lives and seek ways to improve. Set new goals and find ways to achieve it.
So I’ve jotted down a few goals that I have set out for myself for 2015:

1.       Finish my Studies
Most of you may know that I am full time employed but I’ve also been studying part time ( Degree in Marketing Management) for quite a while now. My studies are something that is really important to me and in the past I’ve often taken little breaks in between. But this is the year God willing that I will be one step closer to completing it.

2.       De-clutter my Life
If you know me personally I tend to be quiet a hoarder. Whether it may be shoes, clothes or even when it comes to buying stuff that I don’t really need. This is something that I’m really hoping to put a focus on in 2015. Simplicity is Key!

3.       Make Excellence a Priority
Sometimes things become so dreary that we tend not to do our Utmost best but do merely enough to make it acceptable. This is something I wish to implement in my life daily, so that whatever I do that it may be done with so much excellence, I know it might sounds corny, but you know "what I mean" This also means finishing a project and not letting it slide half way through or seeing a goal through to the end, Oh and especially when it comes to leaving tasks to the very end.

4.       Grow my Blog & Create Better Content
My blog is like my little baby, it has grown over the years and I believe 2015 is the year where this baby will spread its wings and fly.
I’ve put in quite a bit of love and loads of energy and time into my blog and I hope when you read through my blog that is what you would experience: Lots of Love and Passion. Big Thank You to all of you that interact with me on Channi Chic’s Social Networks, to my 1600 followers on Facebook, 1088 followers on Twitter and 437 followers on Instagram, you are appreciated and make interacting such fun.

5.       Allow my “Creative” juices to flow
I think sometime the hustle and bustle of life can kill those creative thought and ideas. I am very much a creative being and hope to set time aside to get in touch with that side more often. This in return will flow into the blog.

6.       Travel
I am obsessed with the thought of travelling and seeing the world & even merely exploring some of our beautiful gems in SA. God willing this will be made possible for me this year around.

A Huge Thank You to all the brands that ive worked with during 2014 and I’m sure 2015 will be so much better... Watch this Space xx
What goals have you set out for yourself?