Monday, 5 January 2015

Goals: 2015

 It’s absolutely crazy that I’m writing this new post in 2015. Wow where do I even start, 2014 has been an Absolute Amazing year for me. I have achieved, I have failed, I’ve learnt so much and I have grown even more from it. That's what has made this ride so much more exciting. I have been given such amazing opportunities through this blogging sphere that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that’s its real. Ive worked with so many Awesome Brands and have met some great people through this platform that I can now even call friends. I have had my 1st Fashion Article published and have been blessed with some local travels which this blogging form has presented itself to me. I was chosen as a Foschini Brand Ambassador, a project that im rather excited about. I am so so grateful to have so many loyal readers that I can truly say, that you have made this journey so much more rewarding for me. So I Thank You!

I cannot believe how fast time has gone but I am rather excited to start a new chapter and have fresh start this time around.
One thing that I do love about a new year is that it gives us that opportunity to measure our lives and seek ways to improve. Set new goals and find ways to achieve it.
So I’ve jotted down a few goals that I have set out for myself for 2015:

1.       Finish my Studies
Most of you may know that I am full time employed but I’ve also been studying part time ( Degree in Marketing Management) for quite a while now. My studies are something that is really important to me and in the past I’ve often taken little breaks in between. But this is the year God willing that I will be one step closer to completing it.

2.       De-clutter my Life
If you know me personally I tend to be quiet a hoarder. Whether it may be shoes, clothes or even when it comes to buying stuff that I don’t really need. This is something that I’m really hoping to put a focus on in 2015. Simplicity is Key!

3.       Make Excellence a Priority
Sometimes things become so dreary that we tend not to do our Utmost best but do merely enough to make it acceptable. This is something I wish to implement in my life daily, so that whatever I do that it may be done with so much excellence, I know it might sounds corny, but you know "what I mean" This also means finishing a project and not letting it slide half way through or seeing a goal through to the end, Oh and especially when it comes to leaving tasks to the very end.

4.       Grow my Blog & Create Better Content
My blog is like my little baby, it has grown over the years and I believe 2015 is the year where this baby will spread its wings and fly.
I’ve put in quite a bit of love and loads of energy and time into my blog and I hope when you read through my blog that is what you would experience: Lots of Love and Passion. Big Thank You to all of you that interact with me on Channi Chic’s Social Networks, to my 1600 followers on Facebook, 1088 followers on Twitter and 437 followers on Instagram, you are appreciated and make interacting such fun.

5.       Allow my “Creative” juices to flow
I think sometime the hustle and bustle of life can kill those creative thought and ideas. I am very much a creative being and hope to set time aside to get in touch with that side more often. This in return will flow into the blog.

6.       Travel
I am obsessed with the thought of travelling and seeing the world & even merely exploring some of our beautiful gems in SA. God willing this will be made possible for me this year around.

A Huge Thank You to all the brands that ive worked with during 2014 and I’m sure 2015 will be so much better... Watch this Space xx
What goals have you set out for yourself?

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