Sunday, 18 January 2015

Outfit Of The Day: la nouvelle belle

Happy Monday All,
Trust you all have had an awesome weekend, and are refreshed and well rested for the eventful week ahead of us. My Saturday was filled with loads of coffee sessions and endless episodes of "Greys Anatomy" so it was quiet a slouchy/relaxing day for me. Hence all I wanted to do on my Sunday Morning was get out of the house and be surrounded with nature. Just to give you all an update on where I am at mentally. I have not been on my end of year leave break yet and am seriously feeling the tiredness of not having a break. I will however be off the first 2weeks in February so to me these last weeks of January literally just needs to fly by...I am in desperate need of some down time! Can't wait to show you all what ill be doing during those 2weeks, it is rather exciting so what this space!
I did however drag my husband out of bed early Sunday Morning and took a long drive pass Chapmans Peak. This particular morning was rather humid but looked quiet misty. Hence me in shorts & sandals with a gloomy background. 
I don't know if you do this too, but I've got a serious issue with wearing tops with words written on it and not knowing what it actually means. So yes, i'm the nerd in the store googling a translation for a t-shirt logo before I would actually buy it. So I actually loved this tops meaning which says "the new beautiful"
I just love it as its open to interpretation, its about what you perceive as beauty and not the old mentality or connotations of what beauty is perceived to be!
Being outside and surrounded by so much beautiful scenery made me appreciate Cape Town so much! We are really blessed to be able to see this so close to home!
Outfit Details:
Top: Fashion Express
Shorts: Mr Price
Sunglasses: Mr Price
Sandals: Mr Price


  1. gorgeous outfit, love it :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  2. You look amazing
    Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  3. I also have to know what they mean! That is a super cute top though.

    XoXo One stiletto At A Time