Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Simply Aloe Botanical Hair Care

Hair Care is such an important part of your beauty regime. With all the amount of colour and styling I do to my hair, finding a product with natural goodness is always such a rare find. The appeal of healthy hair is more than beauty; it has been linked to our choice of companion! This may explain the human condition’s continual pursuit of healthy, shiny locks.
The secret to maintaining the shine and health of your hair lies deeper than the strands themselves. Essentially, each strand of hair is dead, while the roots and scalp influence the appearance, shine, and volume of the hair. Keeping your roots healthy is the key to preventing dull, dry and unmanageable hair. So with that in mind we going back to using mother earth! The indigenous Aloe Ferox plant is packed with the essential nutrients needed to maintain the integrity of healthy hair when styling. The leaves of the plant are packed with vitamin A to fight free radicals, vitamin B to nourish hair follicles and vitamin C to strengthen the tissue around hair follicles. Also containing iron, zinc and magnesium – all linked to healthy hair growth – the humble Aloe Ferox plant holds the answers to your hair care woes.
In fact, the plant offers more than just nutritional value; the gel is a humectant, meaning it attracts and seals in water, preventing hair from losing moisture, tangling and splitting. It also contains amino acids, the substance used to make hair proteins, which improves the structure and strength of the hair strand.
Consisting of 90% Aloe Ferox gel and added Aloe Ferox bitters, Simply Aloe’s Bitters Shampoo can assist in nourishing, moisturising and conditioning hair from the root. Suitable for all hair types and scalp conditions, Simply Aloe’s Bitters Shampoo is available in 250 ml at RSP of R51.71 and is sold at leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide.
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I love using PROUDLY SA products & so should you!

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