Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Self identity in woman plays such a major role in this day and age. Woman are constantly dictated to BE and conform to a preconceived notion, that limits and box's us to our true potential. It's important that we as woman inspire confidence, encourage one another and live our true self. So if you have not seen the new #LUXSHEWHODARES film
where have you been? 
So when I was approached to be apart of this awesome #LUXSHEWHODARES campaign I knew that it was something truly magical. After watching the film I felt that passionate essence that we as woman possess which is so powerful yet beautiful, so strong yet endearing. The word "DARE" is so powerfully used & speaks of pushing boundaries, living a life without limits, defying odd and challenging the norms. It shows that when a confident woman enters a room, attention is received without any effort. It's that feeling when she is simply at easy and comfortable in her own skin.
The film truly evoked the message that each woman has there own unique fragrance and she is unapologetic about it! This is really such a thought provoking film that ignites all the senses. 

There is just something about a fragrance that kindles a mood, that elicit a feeling, its like you telling a story without saying anything. I love how a fragrance affects your mood and and possesses the very notes that you choose to represent, whether it be soft floral's for that hint of femininity, musky tones for confidence boost!
See the below behind the scenes imagery:
Lux® has partnered with MoFilms to create an Afrocentric film. The film is a human story of how fragrance inspires confidence and encourages women to express their self-identity.
Let me know what you think about this awesome film?

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