Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Preparing for Prague!

As most of you, that read my blog and follow me on social media would probably know by now is that in a couple of days I will be jetting off on a magical trip to Prague, Czech Republic for the much anticipated Bata Fashion weekend. I am beyond excited, about this trip as I will now be able to quench my love for travel and get a good hit of fashion inspiration while I’m there. I thought I’d do a mini post on how I’m preparing for Prague, as you can imagine excitement is hitting the ceiling right about now!
So when I found out that I was joining the Bata team in Prague for Bata Fashion Weekend, the first thing I literally did was head to Pinterest in search of as much information as I possibly could digest about the country. Basic things like what currency is used, the language spoken, must see sights etc. Almost immediately I fell in love with the magical and majestic place that is Prague. Why was this place never on my bucket list?  

Things to do in Prague:
Prague posses a wildly eclectic mix of history, culture, ambiance & beautiful architecture but that's not the only thing this city offers as research suggests. There are however a few things I really want to see & do in Prague in no particular order:
  • Walk across the Charles Bridge
  • Explore Prague Castle
  • See the Old Town Square
  • Take a picture infront of the John Lennon Wall 
  • See the world famous Astronomical clock on Prague's Old Town Square
But besides the amazing sights to see, i'm rather excited to visit the Bata Prague flagship store. If it's anything like what I've heard, it will be nothing short of amazing, it's a 5 storey building and it's filled to the brim with shoes...heaven!!! 
"I did a bit of shopping at the Canal Walk Bata store in preparation for #BataFashionWeekend, almost instantly when I saw these nude block heels I just knew they were going to have to come with me home. With the many walks we will be taking in the streets of Prague, the "Insolia technology" which are built into Bata shoes, shifts weight off the forefoot to reduce the pressure by 30%. How could any heels wearing lady object to that? A Stylish pair of shoes, but not compromising on comfort. I will most definitely be pairing these pretty heels with my favourite faux fur coat" 
Some of the things which I am really excited to see over the course of the trip is the "Shoe Making Demonstration how amazing would that be? There will also be creative workshops whereby we will get the opportunity to customize our own pair of Tomy Takkies, as well as make our own original jewellery. There are going to be so many amazing moments on this trip however the stand out part would obviously have to be the Bata fashion show which will present the latest trends and designs. 
On another note how perfect is this Bata handbag! I posted an image of it on social media and boy oh boy have I gotten so many messages and comments about this particular bag! Not to worry you will be seeing loads more of it roaming the streets of Prague! Make sure to follow me on all my social media platforms. Ill be doing some live videos to keep you in the loop of all the festivities! Watch this space...

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Review: Drops of Light

Last week Thursday I attended an event hosted by The Body Shop, for the launch of the “Drops of Light” range. Some of the bloggers in attendance had already used some of the products and was raving about it even before the event. But I was out on a mission to try the products out for myself.
Every morning and evening for the past couple days I’ve been using the rich creamy face wash. It really feels nourishing and none drying to the skin. All I did was apply a pea size amount onto damp fingertips and massaged gently onto my wet face and neck. After removing the face wash I immediately applied 2-3 drops onto my face and neck and gently massage. I repeated this method every morning and evening before applying my cream. The product really feels great on my skin. It’s become a part of my skincare regime.
Both products contains an amazing product called Red Algae extract which comes from North Atlantic. It has grown for millions of years in the icy pure North Atlantic waters and it is known to contain a powerful blend rich in Vitamin C, nutrients and minerals. The product promises to deliver new levels of skin brightening by efficiently targeting the key dimensions of healthy skin drop by drop. Will definitly do a follow up post of the changes to my skin after a month or so.

The product has been proven by women to reveal:
  • ·         Healthy Looking Brightness
  • ·         Even Tone
  • ·         Pure Translucency
  • ·         Refined Texture
  • ·         Smooth Suppleness
While at the launch, I noticed these really pretty individual eye shadows. You can now build your own palette with your own choice of colours and shades. How amazing! You can purchase the palette case separately and fill it as you choose. Cannot wait to get some more…
All above product can be found at The Body Shop stores nationwide.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Launch of TwistedSista

So last week Thursday I was invited to an event to launch a product in South Africa called TwistaSista. The event was hosted at the stunning Westin Hotel, on19. It’s a salon inspired haircare brand from London, UK. The brand was created for those individuals who wants to embrace their curls and coils and stand out from the crowd and let their individuality show. TwistaSista is curated with healthy ingredients such as coconut, avocado and almond oil to prevent occurring frizz, maintain moisture and define curls. These products are colour safe, free from sulfates & parabens. The naturals sphere in South Africa has grown in leaps and bounds and our women are becoming more and more confident to wear their natural thread with boldness and confidence.
We received the following products to try for ourselves:
·         Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo 355ml: This sulfate-free super hydrating shampoo promotes a healthy scalp, seals in moisture and helps to prevent future drying. For all hair types and texture.

·         Intensive Leave-In Conditioner 355ml: The answer to big frizz! Super hydrating formula feeds curls and instantly detangles, leaving hair manageably soft while blocking frizz without weighing hair down.
·         30-second Curl Spray 237ml: Refresh and maximize curls in under a minute.  All curl textures and types will awaken sealing in moisture and shine to dry dull curls.

·         Curl Activator Crème 222ml:  Here’s Twisted Sista’s consumers #1 must have! Add life to freshly cleansed hair.  Developed with type 3 and type 4 in mind, this curl crème delivers moisture, curl definition, volume, and frizz control

·         Amazing Dream Curls Gel 355ml: Especially for thin and/or wavy curl types, this light-weight gel, enhances curl patterns.  An alcohol-free curl styler provides a crunch-less hold and elongates curls while infusing moisture.

The 30-second curl spray is definitely one of my favourites. I love how I can just spray on the product and it instant gives me a refreshed look, without the frizz and the fuzz that I tend to get when waking up. The intensive leave-in conditioner is another winner as it leave my hair feeling so soft and nourished. If you are a naturally curly girl do try out the TwistedSista range, products can be purchased from selected Clicks stores nationwide.