Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Life Update

Cannot believe that the year is slowly but surely drawing to a close. It went by so fast! I haven't been writing & posting as much on my blog but will definitely be doing it more often. I actually enjoy it so much and cannot believe that I neglected to do it for such along time. The year is quieting down on my side which is great as it gives me time to do the things I truly enjoy. Not to long ago I shot a look post with Lisa Wayne Creations & it was so nice to do it again after a good couple of months of having my head stuck in the books. Ill be doing another post where Ill share what I was up to and why I was rather quiet on my blog :)
Another thing that you all might have noticed is that I haven't coloured/bleached my hair for the longest time. I am just growing it out which is super weird for me as I use to do my root touch ups religiously every 5 weeks for over 3-4 years and now I am just winging it which is both liberating and so so good for my hair! I have been rocking my natural hair and it helps as it takes minimal heat to wear the fro.
Some of you might have seen my post on Instagram about getting my first tattoo! It was the scariest, but most liberating thing I could have done. I have always wanted a tattoo but never knew exactly what. I wanted it to be something meaningful that I would never regret having and the moment it came to me, I knew it was something I would love forever. My sister, cousin & I decided to do it together as we wanted it to be something we could look back on & remember. I did a mini video on my instagram you can actually watch it on my highlights. I decided to go with an origami airplane with a trail leading into a heart. It perfectly signified my love for traveling and flying! The first time I got to travel to London a couple of years ago by way of winning a competition. That trip really changed my life. It broadened my mind and changed the way I viewed life. This little girl from CPT realized that there is life outside of our circumstances. She can DREAM BIG and BE whoever she wants to be! Hence my tattoo symbolizes the absolute freedom that traveling has brought me!
I just graduated a couple of days ago which I will share with you in another post. But I am so excited for this new chapter in my life! I am ready to get the ball rolling again on the blogging front and create great content that gets my creative vibes glowing again!

Top: The Fix
Pants: The Lot
Shoes: Mr Price
Bag: The Lot
Watch: Casio SA


  1. Your hair looks amazing and so is your outfit! Also, how exciting about getting a tattoo! :)

    1. Aww...Love it so much :) Thanks for Reading x